Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the delivery or tracking of your item, check the list below for answers.


Please use your tracking number to check the status of your item at Direct Link Tracking. You may also use your tracking number to check the status of your item with your local postal service.

Package or Letter ID – As a sender the item ID is found on the delivery receipt that you receive when handing in the item. As a recipient, the item ID can be acquired from the sender.
The item has been handed over by the sender to the carrier.
The carrier has dispatched the item to the destination country.
Each item needs to be processed by customs before entering the country.
Your local post office has received the package and will deliver it from there.
The item could not be delivered. The recipient was not available to sign for the item. A note with information about the pick-up procedure will be left for the recipient.
The item has been signed for by the recipient.
We suggest contacting your local postal service for further information.

Before delivery

It depends on what service the sender has chosen. For more information please contact the sender.
Changes cannot be made once your item has been dispatched. Please contact the sender of your item for further assistance.
Please allow 7-14 business days from your item’s dispatch date for delivery to be fulfilled. There are instances where the tracking information may not change but this is often due to delays in transit or customs. When in doubt, we suggest contacting your local postal service.
International items must be processed by customs at the destination country, and during peak periods, delays may occur. Should you wish to obtain further details whilst your item is “awaiting customs clearance”, you can contact your local customs office quoting to them your internationally recognised tracking number.
In the event that you are charged VAT or additional taxes or duties when your order is delivered by your local post office, you may be required to make payment in order to collect your package. For further information relating to customs charges, please contact the sender of your item.
Please contact your local postal service for clarification of this status. If they are unable to assist, then you will need to contact the sender of your item for further options.

At delivery

Typically, a notification of attempted delivery will be left for you. Your item will be deposited at a local pick-up point.
Please look for any tampering of the seals of your item, consider the weight of your package, and also look for any notations made on the outer carton. If anything looks suspicious, ask the delivery person to note this and refuse the item.

After delivery

All tracked registered post items can be collected from your local post office, or in some countries, the postal partner’s collection outlet. You may need to bring your internationally recognised tracking number, and some form of identification. For all other items, we would strongly advise to enquire directly with the sender.
Typically, items not collected within 10 days, will be returned to sender. This timeframe may vary from destination to destination – please contact your local postal service for more information.
Please contact the sender of your item.
Please contact the sender of your item.


Please contact the sender of your item.
The sender is the company you made your purchase from. Their details can be found on your order confirmation or shipment letter.
Details can often be found on the postal service’s website.
A letter’s weight is under 2 kg, while a packet, parcel or package is over 2 kg including size restrictions.

Should your question not be answered by the above, you can contact us with your package enquiry.

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