Growing interest in parcel lockers in the Nordics

Growing interest in parcel lockers in the Nordics

Every consumer knows it: you order something online and want to receive the items conveniently, quickly, securely and at flexible times. In addition to the classic options of having items delivered to your home or to a service point, PostNord offers its customers a way to receive parcels outside of regular delivery times and without having to visit a service point via Parcel Locker.

Especially in times of corona, where personal contacts have to be avoided, Parcel Locker is a good alternative. Customers can pick up their shipments no matter what time of day, close to home or in areas they frequent in their daily lives.

It is very simple for the consumer all it takes is a registration in the PostNord app and for Swedish customers access to mobile identification BankID. The connection to the Parcel Locker is established via Bluetooth, the locker can then be opened and the item picked up.

There are currently 120 Parcel Lockers in Sweden in Stockholm, Luleå in the very north, as well as rural locations around the country. As they have been well-received by senders and recipients and the volume received in the Parcel Lockers has been higher than expected, another 500 lockers will be placed during 2021, in the metropolitan areas of Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. 4500 Parcel Lockers will be in operation nationwide by end of 2022.

Customers in two other Nordic countries will also be able to access the Parcel Locker. Instead of via PostNord as in Sweden, Parcel Lockers are available via partnerships in Denmark with the provider “SwipBox” and in Finland with “Pakettipiste”. So far there are around 1282 Parcel Lockers in Denmark and 337 in Finland. The target for Denmark is 10 000 Parcel Lockers nationwide. Once this target is reached, 98% of Danes will be within 300 meters of the nearest Parcel Locker. With these figures, it will be the densest network of Parcel Lockers in the world.

Anja Maslonka, Direct Link Germany