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Cost-Efficient Global 3PL Solutions

Global Fulfillment: We accurately and efficiently fulfill your Domestic and International e-commerce orders from our warehouses around the globe.

Merging E-commerce Platforms: We work with many other major e-commerce platforms to ensure we are well versed across the board.

Competitive Pricing: Our infrastructure and warehousing capacity allows us the opportunity to provide the best prices for our customers.

Personalized Service: All of our customers are provided with a customer success manager to act as your single point of contact.

Global Fulfillment for your E-Commerce

From our warehouses we will be able to support your Domestic and International fulfillment needs.

Integration with E-Commerce platforms

Direct Link is integrated with many of the major e-commerce platforms which makes integration seamless.

Competitive Pricing

Direct Link can utilize our existing infrastructure and warehouse capacity which makes our pricing very competitive.

Personalized Service

All of our customers have a customer success manager that is your single point of contact ensuring you that we always meet your and your customers needs.

Ready to Ship?

Direct Link offers borderless global shipping solutions

The Proof is in the Pricing

Average Pack & Pick Cost
Industry Average
Direct Link
Local handling
Avg rate / order

Industry average is an average of publicly available prices from ShiphHero, ShipMonk, ShipBuddies & Shipbob. Pricing based on a 2 lbs package.

Industry Average
Direct Link

Industry average is an average of publicly available prices from ShiphHero, ShipMonk, ShipBuddies & Shipbob

Start Saving Today!

Direct Link offers global delivery, complete tracking, and personalized service, all at economical prices.

The Direct Link Way


Customers have the option to send item(s) to our facility, or we can pick the item(s) up directly from the customer.

Pick & Pack:

We fulfill your order by repacking your item(s) and prepare the package(s) for shipping.


Domestic – We ship the package(s) from our warehouse directly to your customers by express or economy shipping, depending on your preference.

International – We will send your package(s) to the destination country via airplane.


International – We deliver your package(s) using local carrier partners in the destination country by express or economy shipping, depending on your preference.

Start Saving Today!

Direct Link offers global delivery, complete tracking, and personalized service, all at economical prices.

Warehouse Houston

Direct Link is a full-service delivery company that is delivering to mailboxes all over the world. We store, pick, pack, label and deliver packages of various sizes to all countries that our customers want us to reach. To be able to carry out these services as we want to, warehousing is a large part of our operations in Houston.

Warehousing in Houston with Direct Link

One of our main goals is to make it simple for every single customer. So far, we have been good at reaching this goal. Throughout the decades that we have been operating in the United States, we have developed a work order that works perfectly. It goes like this: You send your products to us and we do the rest. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Thanks to our warehouse in Houston, we can help customers of all types and sizes. We will tell you more about this further down in this text.

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Personalized services

Every successful delivery company have their core values and services, and Direct Link is not an exception. We always focus on personalizing all services that we offer to our customers. It doesn’t matter if the customer is a small business or a large corporation. To us, it is absolutely crucial that every customer, no matter who it is, gets what they want and need. When you choose warehousing services from Direct Link, you will get two things: 1) Access to a large warehouse in Houston where you can store your products. 2) A customized warehousing solution adjusted to your company and your customers in Houston and elsewhere. Sounds good?


Do you run a B2B company and you’re looking for a warehouse in Houston to store your stuff in? You’re not alone. An increasing number of B2B businesses in Houston realizes the perks of outsourcing warehousing. This is both good for us, the distributor of a large warehouse in Houston, and for the customers. They can focus on developing their own business and products instead of dealing with delivery logistics. After all, the professionals do it much better.


A large portion of our customers are B2C businesses. If you are one of these companies in Houston, and you’re looking for ways to outsource a lot of your warehousing needs – You’ve come to the right place. Direct Link’s warehouse in Houston serves as a haven for a lot of different companies and products. Throughout the years as an active delivery company, we’ve kept developing our services. Today, our warehousing and delivery services, in Houston and the rest of the U.S., are amongst the very best. Needless to say, this makes us very proud!

The warehouse in Houston

Our warehouse in Houston is the center of our business in the area. Warehousing in Houston is what we do best, one could say. Many professionals work in the facilities every day, distributing products our various kinds and optimizing our operations. Since every customer’s solution is tailored to its needs, our services can vary. It is, however, quite common that it looks something like this:


First thing’s first. Why is it that so many e-commerce businesses, in Houston and elsewhere, are in need of warehousing? Storing products is hard. For some companies, it might even be the hardest part of the whole business. It all comes down what type of products you have, and how your resources to handle orders look. Most e-commerce businesses hope that they will grow. That more customers, from across the United Stated and maybe also internationally, would want their products. It’s just that, when that day comes – when an increasing number orders your products and you see the storage slowly run out – you need to do something about the situation. Asking a company like Direct Link in Houston to do warehousing for you is doing something about it.

Pick, pack and label

Moving on. One of the best things with the warehouse services we provide in Houston is how little the customer must do. Once a customer places an order on our customer’s website, we get notified instantly. The Direct Link staff, at our warehouse in Houston, start picking, packaging and labeling what is ordered.


As the product is picked, packed and labelled at the warehouse in Houston, the journey is left. The destination for where the package is going is on the parcel, and it’s time for Direct Link to carry it out. Luckily for everyone involved, we deliver to every mailbox in the world. Does it sound exaggerated? Maybe, but it’s true nonetheless. Throughout the years of warehousing and delivery services all over the world, we’ve partnered up with last-mile companies. These partners make sure that our packages reach the right mailbox, wherever it is.


Offering good return policies could be the difference between happy and sad end-customers. The good news is that, when you choose Direct Link in Houston for warehousing and deliveries, we fix it for you. We fix this, just like with so many other things. As always, the return services are tailored to match the specific return policies that your company has.

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We are glad you found your way to our website, and we hope that you will trust us as your warehousing partner in Houston. Direct Link delivers good results in every step of the delivery. From warehousing, to package preparation service, through delivery and right down in the recipient’s mailbox. We welcome e-commerce businesses of all kinds. The ones that deliver locally or domestically as well as the international ones.

We have said it before, in this very text, but we happily say it again: We can reach every mailbox in the world, safely and efficiently.

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