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Cost-Efficient Global 3PL Solutions

Global Fulfillment: We accurately and efficiently fulfill your Domestic and International e-commerce orders from our warehouses around the globe.

Merging E-commerce Platforms: We work with many other major e-commerce platforms to ensure we are well versed across the board.

Competitive Pricing: Our infrastructure and warehousing capacity allows us the opportunity to provide the best prices for our customers.

Personalized Service: All of our customers are provided with a customer success manager to act as your single point of contact.

Global Fulfillment for your E-Commerce

From our warehouses we will be able to support your Domestic and International fulfillment needs.

Integration with E-Commerce platforms

Direct Link is integrated with many of the major e-commerce platforms which makes integration seamless.

Competitive Pricing

Direct Link can utilize our existing infrastructure and warehouse capacity which makes our pricing very competitive.

Personalized Service

All of our customers have a customer success manager that is your single point of contact ensuring you that we always meet your and your customers needs.

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Direct Link offers borderless global shipping solutions

The Proof is in the Pricing

Average Pack & Pick Cost
Industry Average
Direct Link
Local handling
Avg rate / order

Industry average is an average of publicly available prices from ShiphHero, ShipMonk, ShipBuddies & Shipbob. Pricing based on a 2 lbs package.

Industry Average
Direct Link

Industry average is an average of publicly available prices from ShiphHero, ShipMonk, ShipBuddies & Shipbob

Start Saving Today!

Direct Link offers global delivery, complete tracking, and personalized service, all at economical prices.

The Direct Link Way


Customers have the option to send item(s) to our facility, or we can pick the item(s) up directly from the customer.

Pick & Pack:

We fulfill your order by repacking your item(s) and prepare the package(s) for shipping.


Domestic – We ship the package(s) from our warehouse directly to your customers by express or economy shipping, depending on your preference.

International – We will send your package(s) to the destination country via airplane.


International – We deliver your package(s) using local carrier partners in the destination country by express or economy shipping, depending on your preference.

Start Saving Today!

Direct Link offers global delivery, complete tracking, and personalized service, all at economical prices.


At Direct Link, we consider it our most important task to always give our customers what they need. Thanks to our fulfillment services, we are able to achieve this. We handle all aspects of our customers e-commerce fulfillment. From warehousing and storing to labeling, shipping and notifying the end recipient. You tell us what type of service you need, and we tailor a solution for you.

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What is fulfillment?

OK, let’s start from the beginning. What does fulfillment, in this context, actually mean? For an e-commerce business, it is crucial to meet the customer’s expectations regarding delivery. Fast and efficient, with good information along the way, is the way to go. Large companies sometimes have their own services to handle order fulfillment. However, most businesses don’t, and this is where a third-party company (like ourselves) comes in. Fulfillment means that we are taking care of your customer’s order – from preparing it to delivering it, and everything in between.

What are the benefits of outsourcing fulfillment?

It is important to remember that an order fulfillment is a process consisting of many different steps. There is a lot to do between the moment when a customer orders a product online and when that order actually enters his/her mailbox. All of these steps, from “confirm order” to mailbox, are taken care of by the company handling the fulfillment. Hence, one could argue that the benefits of this type of service are quite obvious:

Focus on your business

As an e-commerce business outsourcing the order fulfillment process, you barely have to think about deliveries at all. You can focus on developing your business and your products instead.

Leave it to the professionals

There is no better way of ensuring fast, smooth and safe deliveries than trusting the order fulfillment to a specialized delivery company. Storing (in warehouses close to the recipients), packing, shipping and notifications to the end customer – all of these steps can be taken care of by people working with fulfillment full time. If you ask Direct Link, we could go on forever about various benefits from hiring professionals to do order fulfillment. If you have questions about our company or about fulfillment that are unanswered – please reach out to us today!

Are there any traps?

Remember that we mentioned that most e-commerce companies, world-wide, outsource their order fulfillment? As the number of e-commerce businesses increases, so does the demand for delivery companies handling fulfillment. Today, there are a lot of companies, offering services in order fulfillment, out there. It’s your job to find the company that can offer you the best services, for the best price.

Luckily for you, you’ve already ended up at Direct Link’s website. Let us introduce ourselves a little closer.

Direct Link

When it comes to shipping to the Scandinavian countries, there is just no one that beats us. Direct Link is the market leader in delivering to the northern parts of Europe. Scandinavia is our home turf, and our shipping services reach every mailbox and every hand that our customers want us to reach.

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Our fulfillment process

It’s simple – We make it simple for you. You tell us what products you want to deliver and we do the rest. It is as convenient as it sounds, and that is why the vast majority of e-commerce businesses today choose to outsource their order fulfillment to professionals.

When you trust Direct Link to do your fulfillment, you will get the best service there is. Safe and efficient warehousing and packing, quick deliveries and personalized service. We always focus on providing excellent customer experiences for everyone involved – For you, for your B2B clients and for your B2C clients.


Many e-commerce businesses lack the warehousing capacity that they would need to do their own order fulfillment. That is why many of them turn to Direct Link for storage services. We have warehouses all over the U.S. and in many other parts of the world. This part of our fulfillment services is very convenient for several reasons. Not only does it take the warehousing weight off your shoulders. It also facilitates faster deliveries to your end-customers, wherever they may live.


As your customers place their orders on your website, Direct Link generates pick lists from your system. Our staff pick the chosen products in the warehouse and then pack it so that it’s ready for delivery. To ensure high-quality fulfillment services, we regularly make quality checks, inbound and outbound. This is to minimize claims and returns. Since we customize all fulfillment services to each customer’s needs, the packaging process may differ depending on product and business.


Direct Link has carried out international deliveries for many years. Throughout the decades, we have constantly developed our services to give our customers the best solutions for shipping. Today, we are one of the most reliable delivery companies when it comes to both international and domestic shipping, in the U.S. Needless to say, our ability to ship worldwide is a big part of our fulfillment services.


How do your requirements regarding returns look? Our return services (as part of our fulfillment services) are shaped after your specific needs. They are adapted to meet your requirements for both speed, frequency and destination.

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