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Through our annually conducted studies of the development of e-commerce, we have gained deep knowledge of consumer behavior and general conditions for e-commerce in many different markets. And although e-commerce is growing at an impressive rate in many countries around the world, there are some markets and regions that have developed in a particularly interesting way. To meet this accelerating demand, we have put together additional
solutions which are tailored to each country’s and region’s specific situation. Our offer includes customs clearance and delivery options depending on weight, value and specific commercial needs.

Direct Mail

Yes, our world is becoming ever more digital. However, physical direct mail is still very much a well-tested and proven way of communicating, both in terms
of customer retention and in order to acquire new customers. We offer a range of services within this segment.

Targeting & Addresses
(Available for the Nordic countries)

When you know the socio-demographics of your best customers in your other markets, such as age, educational level, type of residence, income level and gender etc., then we can utilize this information to target potential customers who share the same characteristics as your existing customers elsewhere. We can provide addresses to all households in the Nordic countries.

Customer analysis & Campaign follow-up
(Available for the Nordic countries)

When you have begun your marketing activities and started to build up a customer base in your new market, we can execute follow-up analyses to monitor the socio-demographic attributes of your most valued customers and then direct upcoming marketing efforts to the target groups and geographical areas where the chances of finding new profitable customers are the best.

Key Market Solutions

Cross-border e-commerce is growing. And while markets such as Australia, Israel, Russia and USA are experiencing high growth, even specific regions within the European Union, such as the Nordics, Poland, and UK, are showing impressive growth.

To meet this rising demand, we have developed additional solutions which are adapted to each country’s situation.

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