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Whisteblower Help Line system

Many companies have a reporting procedure – a Help Line – to ensure that serious crimes committed by a person in a top position can be reported. Direct Link also has a system of this kind.

As a fully owned subsidiary to PostNord, Direct Link follows the same reporting procedure as the PostNord Group

To Direct Link’s Help Line reporting function

Reporting serious suspicions

  • Direct Link has zero tolerance regarding discrimination, harassment, crime, corruption and breaches of environmental law; these should never occur. Equal treatment of suppliers and good business ethics are key values.
  • The company’s employees are often the first people to detect irregularities or fraud in a workplace. We would be grateful if you can help us monitor any such occurrences. The sooner a problem can be detected, the better.
  • Everyone is therefore welcome to and encouraged to report suspicions of corruption or other irregularities. This can be done via an external internet portal. You can choose to remain anonymous, in which case Direct Link will not know who submitted the information.

Occurrences that should be reported

This system allows the reporting of criminal actions or serious irregularities that are suspected of having been committed, sanctioned or deliberately overlooked by people in top positions or other key employees at Direct Link.

People in a top position include:

  • Member of Direct Link’s Management team
  • People reporting to someone in the Management team (level 2) or the level below that (level 3)

People in a key position means employees or consultants with independent decision-making rights in matters that are important to the business or with independent responsibility for important functions within Direct Link’s business operations. This can be a person with a significant level of responsibility for safety, environmental issues or agreements with suppliers or customers.

The following are examples of acts that can be the subject of reporting to the Help Line:

  • Financial crimes such as bribery, corruption, fraud or forgery
  • Major shortcomings in safety or security at the workplace
  • Major breaches of environmental regulations or major pollution of the environment
  • Severe forms of discrimination and harassment
  • Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct

The Help Line function can be used by employees in all Direct Link companies, as well as customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with a connection to Direct Link. The procedure complies with applicable laws and regulations in all countries Direct Link is located and is accessible through the internet portal available here.

How to submit an anonymous report

  • Follow the instructions in the form that is available via the link to the Help Line. You can easily and safely submit a report there.
  • When you send the report, you can enter a username and password, so that you can anonymously follow the case.
  • Since this function also is used by our mother company and owner PostNord you will receive a response from PostNord as soon as possible.
  • Cases are handled by PostNord’s Internal Audit, in consultation with PostNord’s Chief Legal Officer.

More information about the reporting procedure can be read on the whistleblower portal of PostNord.

In the case of other types of faults, complaints and criminal activity, you can always contact info@directlink.com.

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