Yes, we deliver globally.

Direct Link offers fully tracked, global delivery services, fulfilment and pick & pack to every address in the world. And always personalized services.

These great companies work with us.


Experience a different kind of delivery company.

We know there are no standardised needs in deliveries. That’s why we will never settle for standardised solutions.

We begin with your end customer.

We have feet on the ground in most places of the world. Because that makes a big difference when we deliver your products to their homes.


We will find the way.

We know the ins and outs of global deliveries, from the paperwork to the groundwork. We know the people, the systems and the ways between. Because if we excel at our business, you can focus on yours.

Experience a different kind of delivery company.


Working through the global postal network, we are able to reach your customers’ mailboxes all over the world – no matter where they are.

Warehouse Logistics

We make it simple for you. You send your products to us and we store most of your inventory. When your customers place an order, we pick it, pack it and deliver it.

Market Insights

No matter how digital the world has become today, Direct Mail is still a proven and reliable channel. We help you find the right targets and get them the message.

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We deliver globally!

To be able to give you a quote – let us know what services you would like a quote for together with volume, weight and between what destinations you will be sending. We will then get back to you.

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