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Deliveries to Scandinavia: Our Last-Mile network allows us to deliver your package(s) anywhere in the country within just two days; one day for all major cities.

Complete Tracking: We offer full order tracking and will even send you a notification before delivering.

Largest Network of Service Points: Customers have the option to pick up their package(s) at one of our many local service points throughout Scandinavia.


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Direct Link offers borderless global shipping solutions

Time is money!

At Direct Link, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer seamless delivery directly to your customer’s mailbox in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. We also provide customers with the option of picking their package up at one of our service points throughout Scandinavia, so no matter which option you choose, we make the process simple and convenient for everyone.


Time in transit

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Direct Link offers borderless global shipping solutions

Scandinavian shipping

Direct Link delivers to every mailbox in the world. This is something that we are very proud of, and that we gladly remind people of. That aside, we have to admit that shipping to Scandinavia is our true area of expertise. Scandinavia is our home turf, and when it comes to shipping services, no one can beat us.

Thanks to our variety of services, we can offer solutions that fit every need. It doesn’t matter if your package is small or big. It doesn’t matter if you need express delivery, home delivery, pick-up at service point or delivery of fragile parcels. We adjust our services to your needs. As if safe and fast deliveries weren’t enough, we are also happy to tell you that Direct Link’s shipping services to Scandinavia are the cheapest ones you can find.

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Direct Link – Shipping to Scandinavia

Do you need something shipped to Scandinavia? Then you ended up in the right place. We are, as our name testifies, a direct shipping link to Europe, and to Scandinavia in particular. Decades of experience from smooth, fast and affordable deliveries across the Atlantic has made us market leaders. Every year, private individuals as well as small, medium and large companies from various industries, choose us. In other words – No job is too small or too big for Direct Link when it comes to Scandinavian shipping.

Do you want to know more about our organization and the services that we provide within shipping to Scandinavia? Keep reading – We share much more information below.

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Our services

How can we help you? At Direct Link, our customers’ needs always come first. This attitude has formed our organization for decades and laid the foundation to our services within

Scandinavian shipping. Today, we offer a wide range of delivery services to customers – both individual people and companies/organizations – that need fast and seamless shipping to the Scandinavian countries.

Mailbox delivery

From your hand to the mailbox of the person you wish to reach across the Atlantic. Nordic Link offers shipping to all mailboxes in all of Scandinavia for parcels up to 2 kg. This is one of our most appreciated services. Very convenient to everyone involved, as it should be.

MyPack Home - Doorstep delivery

We take shipping to Scandinavia to the next level with our MyPack Home services. Nordic Link delivers items up to 35 kg right to the doorstep of your recipient. This is a smooth and safe way for companies to ship to their customers in Scandinavia as well as to the rest of Europe.

MyPack Collect

A lot of people choose to pick up their shipments at a service point. It’s usually cheaper than home deliveries and also convenient for most people. At Direct Link, we call this service MyPack Collect. Parcels, up to 20 kg, being shipped to Scandinavia can be picked up at a nearby service point.

This is Direct Link

When it comes to shipping to the Scandinavian countries, there is just no one that beats us. Direct Link is the market leader in delivering to the northern parts of Europe. Scandinavia is our home turf, and our shipping services reach every mailbox and every hand that our customers want us to reach.

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What we do for your deliveries

We’ve said it before and we happily say it again: To us, making customers happy is the most important thing in the world. There are several ways to achieve this, and here are some of them.

Tracking services

Where is your package? When you choose shipping to Scandinavia with Direct Link, you would know as soon as the package leaves the palm of your hand. We have one of the most accurate tracking systems in the world. This helps customers and recipients to know what is going on, when it’s going on.

Customs & VAT

Having done shipping to Scandinavia every day for many years, we know a lot about potential obstacles. Obstacles such as duty, value-added taxes (VAT) and surprise surcharges often occur. The good thing is that, when you choose Direct Link for shipping to Scandinavia, we can help you overcome these obstacles. We’re flexible and can tailor a solution adjusted to your specific needs.

Notifications tools

You choose what type of message you would like to send out to the recipients, and our tools make it work. You can choose fitting graphics, languages and other details to form your messages, and adjust them to different markets, if you want. This makes your shipping to Scandinavia, and to the rest of Europe, even better.

Reverse Logistics

Offering a good and smooth return management policy is always a good idea to make customers happy. This is what we do at Direct Link. E-commerce businesses from all around the world are offered our fast and smooth return services.

Being our customer

You can always count on us to do our job. We have already mentioned the fact that we are market leaders when it comes to shipping to Scandinavia. We also have mentioned that we offer the smoothest services to the lowest price, and that we can’t be beaten in these areas. But we offer something else too. When you choose Direct Link for your shipment to Scandinavia, you automatically choose a first-class customer experience. To us, it is important that you are able to reach us at any given moment. Therefore, when you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer as soon as we can.

Shipping to Scandinavia – A profitable market

Did you know that Scandinavia and the Nordic region is one of the fastest growing markets for e-commerce? We don’t blame you if you didn’t, because a lot of businesses seem to have missed this fact.

In our latest report, “E-commerce in the Nordics”, you can read a lot of interesting facts about why it’s a good idea to start shipping to Scandinavia. Full report >>

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