Varying willingness to pay for sustainable e-commerce deliveries

Varying willingness to pay for sustainable e-commerce deliveries

Percentage shoppers who would pay extra for eco-friendly delivery (highest to lowest): Italy, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Finland
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European countries are not all the same when it comes to choosing sustainable deliveries. Italy and Germany have the highest proportion of e-commerce consumers who would be willing to pay extra for more eco-friendly e-commerce deliveries. It is mainly the younger shoppers, 18–29 years, who are willing to pay more. However, this age group is more or less equally willing to pay more for faster deliveries, so it may be that the willingness to pay for more tailored last-mile delivery option is generally higher in this group.

The least interest in paying extra for environmentally friendly deliveries can be found in Finland and Poland. This could be due to the fact that consumers here consider existing deliveries to be good from an environmental perspective. Both Finland and Poland rank among the top European markets for number of parcel boxes, which in turn are a more sustainable option than home delivery.

In most of the countries studied in our latest European report, home delivery is by far the most preferred option when it comes to delivery alternatives. This is not the case in Finland. Consumers here are the only ones in the survey who have collection at a parcel box as their number one preference. Also Polish online shoppers rank high in this respect.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link